First-Day! (A Monday that Begins it)

Hello, I’m Sadam. I’ve started up this to write about my life, basically the love of my life. There’s this lady named “Guccy” that has departed today from Uganda to USA.

What can I say about the beauteous creature she is!? Met in 2015, we had the ups and downs just as you all do. Because I don’t usually focus much on our sad times, God managed to bring us back together. Ever since, she has been my rock, the strongest pillar of my life and am headed

for 2 straight years without her by my side.

I literally cried my skull out today, but we can’t always just cry over spilled perfume. So, I hope to post a weekly little blog of how am coping. God please keep her safe for me.

I’m signing out, hopeful that God shall protect and guide me in these years that we won’t be by each other’s side. (#LoveGuccy)